“We approached the fit-out for the Heart Clinic with some trepidation as we hadn’t done this sort of thing before. John Carey and the staff at OfficeMaster/FieldMaster made sense of what we wanted the venue to feel like for our patients, while making the best use of the space. The best feature for us was the glass partition creating a light filled space. They advised on the reception area design and furniture; both type and best functional layout. This could have been daunting for the unfamiliar, but they helped produce a vibrant, dynamic and welcoming venue for our clients. If you are starting out on a business journey and need the guidance, support and creativity of skilled professionals, OfficeMaster/FieldMaster come strongly recommended.”

Marion O’Donnell
The Heart Clinic

Through a process of consultation with the client, OfficeMaster/FieldMaster was able to create a large scale concept and adapt it to a smaller environment.

Using glass partitioning and seating from the Allermuir range, we created a comfortable and welcoming environment in the waiting room. The Z2 Quadrifoglio Reception provided an eye-catching centre piece for the reception area.