“The project to outfit our level 4 office area was part of several infrastructural projects we have undertaking on site. We engaged Sisk as our main contractor and RKD [Architects] to lead the design team. The office furniture was a key element for us and we had requirement for a high-quality finish at a competitive price to meet expectations from the senior management team. Both Sisk and Genzyme were impressed by OfficeMaster/FieldMaster in how they managed the project through to completion and continue to support the installation with advice and support on training on the use of the furniture, a true complete package.”

Dermot Mackle
Project Manager on Infrastructure – Genzyme

This multi-phased biopharmaceutical facility has seen capital investment of over €500 million and employs more than 550 personnel. Since Sanofi’s acquisition of Genzyme in 2011, the Waterford site has become ever more closely aligned with the Sanofi network in Europe and this continues to present fresh growth and development opportunities for its team and for the site.

The fit-out requirement included workstations, operator chairs, meeting rooms and storage areas to accommodate 90 staff members. As part of the tendering process we provided a product mock-up and from this worked with the main contractor, architect and client on layout, style and colour options.

Installation schedules were agreed and worked to ensuring that the installation was delivered on time with minimum disruption. This was closely co-ordinated bearing in mind that this was a fourth-floor construction and Health & Safety was of utmost priority. Following the installation, we were afforded the opportunity to demonstrate, on an individual basis, to all staff the ergonomic functionality of their own operator chair. This ensured all staff benefited from the various features of the chair and were sitting correctly and comfortably.