OfficeMaster: First Choice

The range of products in this First Choice brochure is a result of listening to our clients and putting together a complete range from reception desks, canteen & breakout furniture, boardroom tables and office seating through to everyday desking. There is a myriad of choice, from great value furniture to cutting edge styles, colours and designs.

OfficeMaster: Ergonomics

Check out the OfficeMaster guide to the latest in Ergonomics. Let’s get your Workstation set up correctly with high quality solutions.

Senator: Product Showcase 2018

Senator’s Product showcase introduces a selection of our most recent product innovations.

Allermuir: Axyl

A comfortable user experience is at the heart of AXYL. The chair features a softly geometric, injection-moulded shell designed to embrace the sitter.

Allermuir: Haven Pods

The way offices are being used, the way people are working and the technology they use is evolving fast. The open office has delivered many benefits; however there is a need for privacy within the workplace environment. Haven Pods provide a defined space for individual focused work and spaces for team collaboration.

The Product Compendium 2

Welcome to the the Senator product compendium 2. Here you will find a detailed selection of key elements from each of their brands as an overview of their latest portfolio. Senator say: “It’s one thing to say you do business differently, but quite another to deliver on that promise. We’ve built our reputation on keeping our promises, time and time again.

The Product Compendium 1

Welcome to the latest edition of the Senator product compendium. Here you will find a detailed selection of key elements from each of their brands’ portfolio. From applying the latest industry thinking to your planning, guiding you through the process, to helping you meet your sustainability requirements, Senator will be with you every step of the way.

Triumph: Think Lockers

Showcasing a wide range of standard and bespoke lockers suitable for many industries. Triumph design and manufacture a comprehensive portfolio of contemporary workplace furniture. Latest innovations complement our established ranges and offer solutions for all environments.

Torasen: What’s New?

Take a look at some of the newest ranges recently introduced into our Torasen portfolio.

Senator: Orb Desking

Orb is a revolutionary desking solution that allows the liberalisation of space through 360 degree circular worktops. We’re not talking about simply cutting corners, far from it. Orb’s design provides the optimal workspace where it is needed, retiring the regimented rectilinear formation.

Torasen: Orthopaedica

Orthopaedica is a comprehensive range of ergonomically responsive task seating designed to meet the challenging conditions found in today’s commercial environment. Boasting an impressive list of possibilities, Orthopaedica provides the user with the ultimate level of postural support. Sculptured seat and back cushions make it an ideal choice for those with back problems.

Senator: i-Workchair

We are all unique and so are the demands we place on our furniture. i-Workchair has been developed to allow the user a greater range of adjustment, to achieve maximum comfort.

Senator: Freeflex

Freeflex provides a clever and adaptable solution to support the user’s movements in their working environment.

Seating and Tables

This book is an introduction to Senator’s portfolio of products and a guide to how you can make each piece your own. Read, research and be inspired, then come and experience the real thing.

Allermuir: Baudot

Baudot is a beautiful example of where form meets function. As well as making a visual impact in any area, the range can also be used in acoustic landscaping, as a solution to noisy environments such as open plan offices, atria and hospitality. Freestanding and wall mounted options can be specified to achieve a variety of fun looks.

Torasen: The Portfolio

Torasen offers simple but very clever, cost conscious furniture. Choose from a wide portfolio of products to meet the most challenging budgets.
Short lead times can be critical for some projects and many products are available on their Xpress delivery programme.

Allermuir: Mote

Mote responds to the demands of dynamic work environments; versatile, reconfigurable spaces for meeting, learning, focusing, or relaxing.

Nowy Styl: Café & Office Collection

The winners are those who can look a few moves ahead and plan in advance. Knowledge, talent and good planning can help you achieve success. A very important element of this board game is the space around you – its arrangement can be either a chief asset or an unpredictable obstacle.

Allermuir: Our Collections

Amongst these pages you will find Allermuirs newly released ranges; products that they have put passion into creating and are proud to present to you.